Cafés and bars were designed to be filled by people. But what happens if there are no guests ? People were designed to interact with other people. But what happens if there are no other people ?

Isolation and lack of social interaction were the topics I struggled with the most this year. I turned it into an inspiration and started a photographic series about what I am missing the most in 2020  - meet for a coffee with a friend, go to a concert with a friend, see friends, friends !

The café’s isolated, guest-free interior is used as a parallel to our isolated, social-interactions-free hearts. The series is my tribute to all the beautiful places which are going through hard times or had to temporarily close their doors. 

Bern, Switzerland | 2020
Marta | ONO | Mahogany Hall | ...

The series is ongoing.

Award winning

One picture was submitted to the prestigious ND Awards Photo Contest 2020, where it was awarded an honorable mention.

Café Marta, Bern

Kulturlokal ONO, Bern

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