The logo is a visual representation of the fundamental architectural, cultural and landscape values of Villa Sorra and its relation to its habitat.

The Italian Villa archetype dates back to ancient times. Villas were built by the nobility as their summer residence in rural areas and its representative role was identical to the palaces in the towns. Due to its representative character, the term villa became a common name even for smaller manors and castles. It is a unique place with an outstanding architectural quality and a high representative status.

Villa Sorra will become a residence of a food academy, transmitting the tradition of cultivating local products and high level of knowledge to the next generation. Villa Sorra deserves to have its own coat of arms.

Logo design for international competition | Competitions for designers, Italy | 2020

Design idea

Looking through the logo is like walking through the premises of Villa Sorra. Exploring the meaning of all its parts invites us to discover the villa’s characteristics and values.

A circle representing the round piazza formed by poplar trees is where the eye enters. We promptly discover the villa’s slogan and motto: Villa Sorra, Saperi e Sapori. Shortly after that, we can see the front facade of the villa. As the eye travels around, we spot the water sign and the strange little building: we recognize the orangery!

Now it’s clear: the shield of the coat of arms symbolizes the villa’s gardens! We first enter the French geometric one. Then we continue to the informal English park at the remote end and we see the lake: that is the water sign! The cow must point to the rural character of the whole area and to the fields all around. Or, it can be the Bianca Modenese cow which we heard about!

At last, we take a better look at the supporters on the sides. Usually, they consist of laurel leaves or some corn typical for the area, often they form a curve. We see that these supporters are made out of poplar trees and we understand why they are just straight lines: they are in fact the two poplar tree alleys leading the way towards the villa.

Colors & shades

The orange-reds correspond to the shades of the facade changing colour during the day, year and weather. The greens are shades of grass and the poplar tree leaves, from the fresh young ones to the deep, earthy dying ones.

The shades in combination with fair or dark background create different contrasts and emotions. Gentle pastel, attention drawing brightness, confidence of well balanced saturation or mysterious low contrast of dark tones.

Design process

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