Enmouvement is a young and innovative therapy & sport center full of energy and sharp wit. Their new ON-MOVE website offers online classes during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Browsing through the website should be a jolly motivating experience encouraging the visitors to keep going during the hard lockdown times. The fresh graphic expression is achieved by the use of multiple brand colors, two contrasting typefaces and is complemented by a set of custom icons. The graphic tools are used as a mood maker while photos help to initiate an emotional connection to the instructors. The content mirrors the energy and humor of the brand.

(The website was meant to be temporary and isn't online anymore.)

Web design and development, website UX and UI design〡 Client : Enmouvement Lausanne, Switzerland 〡 2020


Everything changes constantly during the lockdown, so the website welcomes you with multiple slides presenting the important news. Product overview appears when you scroll down where you see various online classes and abonnements, closed up by a contact form. 


The website is adapted for a trouble-free use on any kind of device, from desktop screens over tablets to mobile phones. Do you need to quickly book a workshop on your phone while catching a train or do you want to watch your pilates class on your tablet in your living ? You can have both.

Mobile friendly

Everything is simplified in the mobile version, the desired content can be accessed even if you only have two minutes time. Lazy load makes high resolution images load fast even with a slow connection.

Typography & colors

Custom templates

Good orientation in the story you are telling helps the users to know where they are : at the end of one chapter or at the beginning of the next one ? Each “chapter” got its own custom design to make it easy to distinguish between classes, workshops or instructors’ biographies. Or to recognize that you’ve arrived at the end of a page. Or to see that you got lost.

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