Making the high-end technology, large-scale printers interesting to every (even to not so technically motivated) client


Bonafini GmbH is a small yet well established family business with a precious database of trusting clients and a collection of 20 years of knowledge and experience. The task was to redesign the 15 years old website with focus not only on the merchandise but mostly on the company’s modern, ecological and familiar approach to the business and the customers.


The company’s philosophy, ecology and the way they treat customers is its real driving force. So the storytelling was set: put the company’s amazing list of services in focus and talk about the merch in an unobtrusive and informative way. Creative focus lies surely on the navigation: menus are divided into groups offering a helpful hierarchy (instead of a traditional “nav-bar”) and so facilitating the navigation within the rather big variety of products and services. Texts make use of multiple columns, titles and background colors to make learning about (boring) technical stuff not boring.

Website for Bonafini Gmbh | Switzerland 2021

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