Iemenkorf (=bee hive) is a newly opened guesthouse in Oostende in Belgium. I was tasked with the brand identity. Due to the beekeeping family tradition, a bee and honeycomb were to be integrated in the design. The result are basic geometric shapes forming a bee, while the ornamental hexagon is applied to its body. Its natural look corresponds to the philosophy of the house. A witty sparkle is added through the wings shaped as a letter B which creates a smile for those who decode it. In the end, you don’t even know if you are staying in a B&B, or Bee&Bee.

Branding, identity, logo Client : B&B Iemenkorf, Belgium 〡 2019

Business cards

To create a hand-made feeling, the business cards were printed on a recycled paper with visible structure in two colours : white and natural brown. 


One of the products is a stamp which will be disponible to the B&B guests. Stamped postcards can be sent to friends or brought home as memories. 

Sketch, typography & colors

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